From the Mouth of a Wolf #1

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

In my time in social services I learned a lot about what the effects of invalidation can be on a person. I also learned myself that I had suffered from a lot of these effects. Because of that I became more self aware to how my emotional responses in relationships were driven from said invalidation and trauma from my past. I am still learning….

I say all this because something that has come up for me recently is seeing validation on a social/global scale. I have seen in most clearly recently when the death of George Floyd led to outrage on all the racial injustice happening in our country - and some people are “

confused” as to the level of fight happening. I saw it before that as well in the LGBTQ world when so many

people were “confused” (friends of mine included) - as to why we in the community are so upset when we don’t have the same rights as the heterosexual/cis gendered world. Even more upset when we got those rights finally and now have them “reversed”. Why the victory we just had with employment protection was huge and literally made some of us weep - but also is just the beginning. I see in women who are sick of living in a patriarch that is unequal and down right evil when it comes to how women in this country are treated - not being able to choose for themselves, having leaders violate them and set the example that its ok as long as your powerful.

I see it when a country built on immigrants who stole it from those who lived here, now won’t accept other immigrants. All of these and so many more are huge issues that have been invalidated by the privileged. Just like single invalidation to a person this has a huge effect - often causing uncertainty on how to be and eventually leading to rage and no longer accepting said treatment. (That’s where we are as a country).  I know so many of us are exhausted - I damn well am - at fighting the same fight over and over again and not understanding why it is such a taboo idea that for real every HUMAN should be treated and respected and LISTENED to on the same level. I am personally exhausted as well because of my own career background in social services and law enforcement and knowing there are good humans, doing things as they should be but they are outnumbered by the evil doers and more so by the complacent. I stand strong though and persistent in the fight for equality and a better and just world. A world where we break down racism, prejudice, hatred and social constructs. I see the fight in others and am reminded to not give up but to use my voice and privilege and to keep going….tired or not - the work isn’t done.

 Let's rebuild a better future.

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