Release It

There is a song by Bring Me The Horizon called Happy Song. Anyone who battles depression or anxiety can definitely relate to that song. The song is about how some people tend to minimize the grip and seriousness of depression.

"If you simply smile, you won't be depressed."

"Listen to happy things and you wouldn't be so sad."

They fail to understand the true severity of many people's struggle with depression.

Today, I woke up in an OK mood, pretty average for me. I proceeded about my day and as the day went on, it was one thing after another. I just kept getting bad news or having things enter my day that were only negative. Ever since my life got turned upside down this year I have learned new methods of coping and healing.

Feelings are meant to be felt, so I focus on feeling them. I don't try to hide them, I am real about them, I feel all of them. I try to understand them. It is when we try to escape them and not feel them that we place ourselves in compromised positions, relying on crutches and numbing the pain.

But after I have felt what I was feeling for awhile, I then decided what I was going to do with them. I have many options to choose from. They came, I felt them, I learned from them, and now I must release them because they are energy and energy must be released if I don't want them to boil over and weight me down.

I could work them out in the gym. I could run them out outside, I could meditate them out, I can write them out. I try to go with whatever feels best for the emotions I am feeling.

Anger tends to be lifting for me. Stress or anxiety tends to be running and sadness tends to be meditation and music and or writing.

We can't control all the variables in our lives. We can't control how we feel or how we are impacted by something but we can try and turn those things into fuel for our growth and betterment.

It's all energy. Good energy or bad energy, it can be used as fuel.

Fuel a better life for yourself. Fuel a happier you. Fuel a balanced you.

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